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Winning Ways 9

For several weeks now we have been considering some of the different mindsets that form a spectrum of thought which will either propel you towards greater success or lock you in mediocrity. The ends of these continuums of thought are what separate the high achievers from those that are less effective in doing life.

I often ponder the great passages of the Bible and meditate on the way God dealt with peoples thinking. Joshua 1 and Jeremiah 1 both reveal God dealing very specifically with the mindsets of these two great Kingdom leaders ... dealing with their thoughts of insecurity and low self-esteem ... removing negativity about who they were, their identity and destiny ... establishing a positive perspective based on the grace of God in and through their lives.

The Biblical process for changing our internal and sub-conscious thoughts, self-esteem, sense of identity and perspective of the future is meditation ... chewing over and digesting the truths of God’s Word.

 In Winning Ways 1, I made the following statement ...

Training and managing your mind is probably the single most important skill you can develop in order to realise your potential and fulfil your God-given purpose.

Sometimes you’ve just got to stop and think about what you’re thinking about.

  • Highly successful people take action in spite of feeling the fear.
  • Less successful people allow fear to stop them taking action.
  • Highly successful people understand that to feel the fear is normal and that they can control the fear ... it’s just a thought ... just a possible outcome.
  • Less successful people are overwhelmed by the feelings of fear ... the fearful thoughts dominate their thinking and paralyse their progress.
  • Highly successful people recognise that fear is a self-preservation mechanism but the thoughts that project fear must be evaluated and responded to.
  • Less successful people do not evaluate or process the fear generating thoughts ... the feelings of fear dominate them ... full stop.
  • Highly successful people understand that it’s not necessary to get rid of fear in order to succeed.
  • Less successful people don’t know how to succeed in the face of fear.

So ... as the title of the book says, ‘Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway’

The reality of life is this ... if you’re only willing to do what is easy then life will be difficult, but if you’re willing to do things that are difficult, life will eventually become easier.

Until next time ...

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