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Winning Ways 6

"Smooth roads never make good drivers. Smooth seas never make good sailors. Clear skies never make good pilots. A problem free life never makes a strong and good person. Have a tough but winning day ahead! Be strong enough to accept the challenges of life. Do not ask life, 'Why me?' instead say, 'Try me'." – Anonymous.

I love this quote because it contains so much truth ... to be an ‘Overcomer’ there are some things you’re going to have to overcome!

“Stand up to your obstacles and do something about them. You will find that they haven’t half the strength you think they have.” - Norman Vincent Peale.

Success in life is not achieved by avoiding or getting rid of problems; success in life is achieved by becoming bigger than your problems ... you must learn ... grow ... change!

As we continue to think about the way we think and the spectrum of thought that exists between those who are high achievers and those who are less effective in life I want to draw your attention to another spectrum of thinking that reflects Winning Ways compared to ‘losing’ ways...

  • Highly effective people see themselves as bigger than the problems they may face.
  • Less effective people see themselves as smaller than the problems they may face.
  • Highly effective people know that every opportunity has some problems associated with it and are confident they can become ‘bigger’ then those problems.
  • Less effective people see the problems in their opportunities and can’t imagine how they could be ‘big’ enough to overcome those problems.
  • Highly effective people are confident they either have or can acquire the wisdom to face and overcome any problem life may throw at them.
  • Less effective people are only confident in overcoming what they have already overcome ... they want to live within their comfort zone and have no motivation to gain greater wisdom or the ability to better apply what they already know. 

“Effective people are not problem-minded; they’re opportunity-minded. They feed opportunities and starve problems.” – Stephen Covey.

As you move forward in life, let me encourage you to face your challenges with the confidence that as a child of God you are equipped to succeed in every area of your life. Deuteronomy 28 makes it clear that the promise of God to those who walk with Him is blessing, success and achievement throughout life ... position yourself to access His grace and wisdom and power and have an awesome life!

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