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2nd May 2017 - Unseen Things

One of the passages of Scripture the Lord has laid on my heart for this year is 1 Corinthians 2:9 "Eye has not seen, nor ear heard, nor have entered into the heart of man the things which God has prepared for those who love Him"

The next verse goes on to say that those things are revealed to us by Holy Spirit. I have been arrested by the thought that God has prepared things for each of us that as yet are unseen. Things for your relationships, ministry, career, business, health, finances, etc, etc. Things already prepared for you but not yet revealed.

I believe that this year God is revealing unseen things. Things for us to receive and walk in ... not just more of what we've had but taking us into things not yet experienced, not yet seen, not yet heard of.

My prayer for you is that your faith and expectations would rise to grasp hold of all that God has for you for this season of your life ... new things ... unseen things!

24th March 2016

It seems incredible that it's almost the end of March. They do say "time flies when you're having fun!"

At the beginning of the year I felt the Lord say to me that for many people 2016 would be a year for the realisation of their potential. A year of clarification of the things God has for you. A year for your ability to fulfill those things going to another whole different level. It's a year for the activation of dormant potential. A time for hidden potential to be released.

Over the last few weeks Pastors have commented of a shift in their church in relation to people coming to a new level of understanding and engagement with the purposes of God ... numbers of 'new people' visiting and joining the church ... people making commitments to faith in Jesus.

2016 is already a great year and the best is yet to come!

I feel there is a 'call' to a greater commitment to and expectation in prayer. Jeremiah 33:3 "Call to me and I will answer you and show you great and mighty things which you have not previously seen" has been impressed on me as an invitation to those who are hungry for 'more' of God in their life. Prayer is an invitation to an appointment where God is waiting for you!

On a personal level the year has started with some challenges as Dariel has had a third round of major surgery on her hip after a hip replacement a couple of years ago was troublesome. She is well on the road to recovery now but it has meant that I, Kevin, have needed to cancel some ministry commitments in order to be at home and look after her during her recovery. That recovery period is almost over and so we are back into a full schedule of itinerant ministry ... check it out by clicking on 'Itinerary' above.

12th January 2015

Welcome to our new website. Thanks for stopping by ... have a look around and check it out.

Over the next few months we will be developing the range of resources available here, from Kevin’s Blog entitled “Next Level”, teaching materials in various formats, resources available for you in the Store and up to date information about our ministry schedule and upcoming events.

We invite you to connect with us ... Register Now to receive “Next Level” directly to your inbox ... Partner with us and let’s together see others inspired and empowered, churches strengthened, leaders encouraged and nations impacted with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Here’s a Thought ... the word “possession” has been impressed on my heart. Joshua 21:43 So the Lord gave to Israel all the land of which He had sworn to their fathers, and they took possession of it and dwelt in it.

God intends to give you all He has promised you ... the things He has placed in your heart ... the prophetic promises ... the Scriptures impressed on you in a personal way. In 2015 we each need to rise up and “possess” what he has promised us. His intention is not that we delight in the promises but that we “dwell” in their reality.

All around the world is confusion, conflict and despair but God is faithful to the word and promises He has given you and fully intends for you to possess them and live in them.

2015 is going to be a great year ... a year for the people of God to take “possession”.


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